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Change:  such a simple word, but one that can pack a wallop. We all know that one’s entire world can change in an instant with a visit to the doctor or with one interaction. Yet oddly enough, when we try to change ourselves, it can seem nearly impossible.  The resources on this page provide insight into barriers to change and ways to overcome them.

If you are enrolled in an Anticancer Lifestyle Program, we will help you explore what it takes to make lasting, lifestyle change and learn how to take the first steps towards your desired changes.  You will learn to manage any feelings of helplessness, fear and stress that can accompany change. The Program also focuses on how you can effect internal change that could help your body mobilize its natural defenses against disease. We will explore what change is and what helps make it stick. We will help you rediscover your personal purpose and values that will inform where you start making your Anticancer Lifestyle changes.

You will find many opportunities in class to listen and learn from the experiences of the other participants and you will feel the support of the group as you share your own. You will learn how to actively listen and encourage others towards their goals outside of the classroom. So, meet up with friends, make new ones, and find the time to learn, listen and support.

"My patients feel that they are being taught a great deal of important information in the Anticancer Lifestyle Program that they otherwise would not have been exposed to. They ultimately feel empowered and motivated to pursue significant lifestyle changes, and in most cases, these lifestyle changes are sustainable." --New Hampshire Medical Oncologist
Changes: I'm more centered in all the self-care aspects. Being more gentle to myself. Got a fit bit and am moving more. Meditating more. Continuing to chose love.
This is a super program and given the time allowed, much was covered.  We were encouraged to use our judgement and take it slowly and not "try to do all the changes" and that is a good thing.  The additional classes are also most helpful as they can help us focus and also as we gain strength, knowledge and capabilities, help us to keep on improving.
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