Anticancer Environment

We want you to have the knowledge, tools and resources you need to make informed choices and use products that are healthier for you, your family and our environment.  The Anticancer Environment section of our course rests on the Precautionary Principle, which means taking preventive action in the face of uncertain harm until a substance is proven harmless.  This information for this section of the course is presented online, which you can find here.  The online course is free and open to anyone, whether or not you are enrolled in the Anticancer Lifestyle Program.

In the online course, you will learn about:  the types and sources of toxins in popular home cleaning, cooking, and personal care products; the links to various cancers and cancer risk; ways to control or minimize your exposure; practical solutions and healthy replacement options; how to do your own research, read and understand labels, search online databases, and so much more!

Something to consider:

Over 87,000 chemicals are listed with the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). Only 200 have been thoroughly tested for toxicity safety for humans, and only 1350 have been tested as carcinogens (cancer causing agents). While it would be impossible to rid our lives of every known toxin, we can at the very least learn how to make wiser purchasing decisions with the goal of minimizing our exposure.

“All plastic was kicked out of my home this past weekend—containers, plastic wrap, etc. I transferred most of my foods from plastic containers into glass. I will begin to freeze food using glass (mason jars). My cleaning products now consist of baking soda, white vinegar, rubbing alcohol, and Seventh Generation laundry and dish detergent. My life has suddenly gotten a lot simpler! I switched my personal skin care products to organic and chemical-free and my makeup is mineral-based. I can hear my grandmother applauding….”
“I stopped drinking seltzer from cans and now bring water to work in a metal water bottle. I picked one up for a colleague, too.  A bunch of us have lunch together every day and I talk with them regularly about what I learned in the environment section of this course.  I try not to be the queen angel of toxins, so I limit myself to discussing it twice a week.”
“This topic and presentation was awesome. Disturbingly so, but I wouldn't water down any of the information. Wow. I learned so much (once I got over the Holy Crap-ness of the facts presented) and I find I am sharing all the info with my friends....and anyone who will stand still long enough to listen to me. I now look at my environment with completely changed vision....”
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