Study shows link between cancer risk and the length of time a woman is overweight or obese

The journal Plos Medicine published a “longitudinal” study–meaning that it followed people over time–which showed that the longer a woman was overweight or obese, the greater her risk of several cancers.  Read about the study here.

“I now eat far more veggies, and look at packaging, cutting processed foods, and working on cutting out sugar.”
“I don’t look at meat as the main part of my meal.  I eat less meat and more fruits and vegetables.  I seek out plant-based recipes.  Lastly, I try and will continue to try to eat foods I have not eaten before, e.g. eggplant and kale. (Still not fond of kale, but at least I tried it.)"
“Excellent session.  I continue to be amazed at what I didn’t know and how easy it will be to change to healthier eating.”
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