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Building the Foundation for Change

Change: such a simple word, but one that can pack a wallop. We all know that one’s entire world can change in an instant with a visit to the doctor or as a result of one interaction.

Yet oddly enough, when we try to change ourselves, it can seem nearly impossible.

Using expert videos, animation, text, and interactives, the Change Module of the Anticancer Lifestyle Program will introduce you to the course, and help you make lasting lifestyle changes that will decrease inflammation and enhance your immune system’s ability to fight disease.


The Change module provides:

  • Insight into barriers to change and ways to overcome them
  • Tools for getting started with lifestyle change
  • Tips for managing feelings of helplessness, fear and stress that can accompany change
  • Suggestions for ways to make change stick
  • A way to define your personal purpose and the values that will inform where to begin your lifestyle changes
  • The theme for the Anticancer Lifestyle course
  • Each course module has its own Toolkit to help you continue to develop your Anticancer Lifestyle



At the completion of this module, you will have a clear, achievable action plan to make the changes you’d like to see.

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