eBook: Mindset 101: Learning to Manage Your Stress

mindset 101: learning how to manage your stress

The benefits of mindfulness are now supported by an extensive body of research showing its positive impact on health and an overall sense of well-being. Those who apply themselves to the practice note an array of benefits, such as feeling less overtaken by negative emotions, and an increase in the ability to cope with chronic pain. Many who practice mindfulness regularly report the ability to make new choices that seemed previously beyond reach, such as improvements in communication skills, and more control over knee-jerk reactions to life’s challenges.

This ebook will introduce you to some simple yet powerful ways to cultivate an Anticancer Mindset to help you manage stress. You will learn:

  • About the mind-body connection: the way your mental state affects your body, and how your physical state affects your mind
  • Which kinds of stress are harmful
  • How chronic stress affects health
  • Mindfulness tips and techniques that will help you reduce stress

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