eBook: Plant-Based Meat and Milk Alternatives: Just How Healthy Are They?

Crystal Cascio

Plant-based meats—burgers, chicken, hot dogs, bacon, sausage, and steaks—and dairy—milks, butter, cheese, yogurt, creamer, and even ice cream–have been popping up all over our grocery stores.  Many consumers falsely assume that plant-based products are by definition healthier than animal-based alternatives. In this e-book, Anticancer Lifestyle nutrition expert Crystal Cascio will discuss ways to evaluate plant-based meats and milks from a nutritional standpoint. In this e-book, we will review:

  • What to look out for when it comes to reading Nutrition Facts labels;
  • Ingredient lists of plant-based meat and milk substitutes;
  • Some popular brands and products, along with recommendations.


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