Anticancer Diet Expert Q&A

Expert Q&A

Expert Q&A 2/7/2023: Crystal Pace, Registered Dietitian and Health Coach

Are grains inflammatory, and should they be avoided? Do you need supplements if you have a healthy diet? Plant-based milks seem to have some questionable ingredients.

Expert Q&A

Expert Q&A 12/6/2022: Crystal Pace, Registered Dietitian and Health Coach

Can fasting help with weight loss? Do we really have to stay away from sugar/carbs? How do you get enough protein on a plant-based diet? Do I really need to eat only organic? Are Keto diets really hea…

Expert Q&A

Expert Q&A 5/3/2022: Crystal Cascio, Registered Dietitian

How bad is sugar, really? What is your opinion on fasting? Are there optimal times we should be eating our meals? Can you address foods that work synergistically together? How can I get enough protein…

Expert Q&A

Expert Q&A 11/2/2021: Crystal Cascio, Registered Dietitian

Is the “white” of eggs nutritional and safe to eat? Should we avoid gluten? Do I need to cut out sugary foods entirely to maintain a healthy diet? Does soy increase cancer risk? How much fish and/…

Expert Q&A

Expert Q&A: Crystal Cascio, Registered Dietitian

Is it OK to eat canned fruits and veggies? What is the role of a plant-based diet in cancer prevention? If you can’t buy organic fruits and veggies, should you still eat them? Are there specific foo…

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