New study raises questions about antioxidant use in lung cancer patients

Best to stick with “whole food” and not supplements to get antioxidants into your body… “The supermarket labels touting the benefits of antioxidant-rich foods such as frozen berries and green tea are so ubiquitous that many people assume that taking extra doses in the form of supplements is beneficial. But a growing body of evidence, including a study published Wednesday, suggests that high doses may do more harm than good in patients with certain types of cancer. Researchers in Sweden gave Vitamin E supplements and a drug called acetylcysteine to mice with early stages of lung cancer, expecting them to slow the tumors’ growth. Instead, the opposite occurred — the tumors multiplied and grew more aggressively. Cancer researchers cautioned that more studies need to be done in humans before they can make general recommendations about the use of antioxidant supplements. But the new research complements a groundbreaking 1994 National Cancer Institute study that showed an increase in incidence of lung cancer among smokers who took supplements of the antioxidant called beta-carotene.” To read more, click HERE