“I’m more centered in all the self-care aspects. Being more gentle to myself. Got a fit bit and am moving more. Meditating more. Continuing to choose love.”

“I have changed aspects of diet, stress, exercise and toxin exposure, too numerous to mention here.  I am now more open to and actively pursuing change in support of my hoped-for, improved health outcomes and in allowing my body’s natural defenses to function well.”

“Two years after finishing the ACLP—I continue to do yoga, meditation, Reiki, Tai Chi, walking. Will not allow negative people near me. No longer watch any so-called “news”. Read every label on every single thing I buy. When not in use, I unplug my TV, Internet router, and cell phone. I say ‘thank you for my life’ every day.”

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The Cancer Industry: Hype Versus Reality

An article in Scientific American by John Horgan, Director of Science Writings at the Stevens Institute of Technology, questions the tangible benefits to patients of new, and often toxic, cancer therapies.  This article focuses on the enormous gap between the grim reality of cancer medicine in the U.S. and the upbeat claims made by the cancer industry and the media.  Horgan cites many interesting and relevant studies to support his concerns, and suggests a more conservative approach to patient therapy.