vigorous exercise puts men at lower risk for advanced or lethal prostrate cancer

Researchers at the Harvard University T.H. Chan School of Public Health found that men who do long-term vigorous exercise, such as running, biking, or swimming, are less likely to develop advanced and lethal prostate cancer. Read about the study here and see the study itself here.

“I am happy to have a specific goal- this was very concrete and provided me with another tool to include in my ‘get healthy kit’.  I like the variety of exercise ideas.  It was so much fun to see the group get up and move together.  The laughter in the room makes the exercise more fun.”
“I now use the pedometer every day. I walk instead of driving whenever possible. I climb stairs instead of taking the elevator. I enrolled in a yoga class. I dance in my kitchen. I make sure I continue to stretch my core, use my core muscles for lifting, and praise myself for every step I take.”
“I am looking into Yoga as a result of our guest last night. I did not realize how fun and calming yoga is.”
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