Q & A With Deborah deMoulpied, Green Living Expert

We asked Deborah deMoulpied, Green Living Expert, a series of questions related to Environment and how it impacts our health. Every month, Deborah answers questions from our audiences during our Learning Circle. For this Learning Circle, she covered the following questions:

  • What types of personal health products are safe?- – What kinds of cookware are the least toxic to use?
  • What can I do to minimize the toxicity of mold and chemicals in carpeting?
  • What are the sources of environmental toxins?
  • How can we reduce exposure to environmental toxins such as pollution?
  • What is the best resource for researching product safety?
  • How do I balance the use of cleaning agents to kill COVID while also avoiding exposure to harmful agents?
  • Best website to check for food ingredients?

Watch the video to get her answers. Also, be sure to register for our upcoming Learning Circles!

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