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Featured Environment Q&A
Featured Environment Q&A
Q&A With Deborah deMoulpied, Green Living expert See Bio>
  • How should we read labels on packaging and products to avoid toxic materials?
  • Can you help me understand parabens in our products? Should we avoid them and are vegan products the way to go?
  • What is an endocrine disrupting chemical?
  • Is there a safe pacifier for babies?
  • I don’t have an organic mattress – can I use a mattress cover to help with the off-gassing?
  • Do air purifiers and air filters actually work?
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Featured Diet Q&A
Featured Diet Q&A
Q&A With Crystal Pace, Registered Dietitian and Health Coach See Bio>
  • Can fasting help with weight loss?
  • Do we really have to stay away from sugar/carbs?
  • How do you get enough protein on a plant-based diet?
  • Do I really need to eat only organic?
  • Are Keto diets really healthy or just a quick way to lose weight?
  • Can you recommend the best whole-grain cereals?
  • Should soy be avoided, or is that myth?
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Featured Mindset Q&A
Featured Mindset Q&A
Q&A With Margaret Fletcher, Mindfulness Instructor See Bio>
  • How can I reduce stress after cancer treatment to prevent recurrence?
  • Is mindfulness effective? Does it affect cancer outcomes?
  • How do you get started with Meditation and are there progression steps?
  • Could stress be the cause of my lymphoma?
  • Any advice to help my mind relax when I really need it to?
  • Can you recommend a practice for stress-mental shutdown/fogginess?
  • How do you know if you should do the MBSR or go to a therapist?
  • Can mindfulness help with sleep challenges?
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Featured Fitness Q&A
Featured Fitness Q&A
Q&A With Peter Pace, Fitness Instructor See Bio>
  • Can exercise improve white blood cell count? If yes, what kind of exercise?
  • If you’re battling cancer fatigue,  should exercise routines be mild,  moderate, or strenuous?
  • What is the best exercise to prevent cancer recurrence?
  • What are exercises for osteopenia?
  • What exercises should someone in their 50s focus on?
  • If one is using free weights, how heavy should the weights be?
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