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We are excited to offer free, hour-long monthly Ask the Expert Q&A sessions with our course experts in Mindset, Diet, Fitness and Environment!

The idea is simple: if you are going through or have completed a course module, you can tune in to a session with one of our experts, who will summarize key points from the module and answer any questions you have about the module topic. While familiarity with the specific course module is not required, it’s highly recommended —you’ll get a lot more out of the session that way.

Our Ask the Expert sessions are held monthly, on Tuesdays, at 4 PM PST / 7 PM EST.

If you think of questions while you are taking the module, feel free to submit them in advance by emailing [email protected], or ask them live during the Q&A.


Upcoming Ask The Expert Q&A sessions: (please register separately for each one you’d like to take):

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Check out our archived Q&A sessions!

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Fitness Learning CircleFITNESS Q&A
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Check out our archived Q&A sessions!

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Diet Learning Circle

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Mindset Learning Circle

Date: Tuesday, December 7 



  • Q. Do I have to complete the course module in order to join a Q&A on that module topic?
  • Q. Will I be able to get all my questions answered during the Q&A?
  • Q. How do I join?
  • Q. Will the sessions be recorded?

WATCH NOW:  Q&A’s with our subject matter experts. 

Featured Environment Q&A
Featured Environment Q&A
Q&A With Deborah deMoulpied, Green Living expert
  • What’s an alternative to using bottled water when I travel?
  • Are crock pots and insta-pots good to use?
  • How can I find a healthy deodorant?
  • What’s a nontoxic way to get rid of ants in my kitchen?
  • How do you freeze food without using plastic?
  • Do I need to wash my hands after using a hand sanitizer?
  • What do you think of GreenPans?
  • How often should we change our sponges?
  • …and much more!
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Featured Diet Q&A
Featured Diet Q&A
Q&A With Crystal Cascio, Registered Dietitian
  • Is the “white” of eggs nutritional and safe to eat?
  • Should we avoid gluten?
  • Do I need to cut out sugary foods entirely to maintain a healthy diet?
  • Does soy increase cancer risk?
  • How much fish and/or chicken should we be eating per week?
  • What herbs and spices have potent anticancer effects?
  • Are there certain nutritional supplements I should consider taking?
  • Is having a smoothie just as healthy as eating the foods raw?
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Featured Mindset Q&A
Featured Mindset Q&A
Q&A With Margaret Fletcher, Mindfulness Instructor
  • I’ve found it harder to practice during this past COVID year. Is that normal?
  • Sometimes when I sit quietly, it seems like all the “bad stuff” comes up in my mind. What do I do when it seems like practicing is making me feel worse?
  • Can meditation help me sleep better?
  • Can stress cause cancer?
  • I have a very stressful relationship with my boss. During meetings with her, I feel a knot in my stomach. I worry about the effect of this on my health. What do you recommend?
  • How do you shut your brain off to meditate
Featured Fitness Q&A
Featured Fitness Q&A
Q&A with Peter Pace, Fitness Instructor
  • How can people reduce their belly fat (gut)?
  • I have balance issues due to chemo. What would be good exercises to do?
  • What’s the best exercise for Prostate cancer?
  • What’s a good exercise for core strength?
  • Is there a benefit to using an elliptical trainer, trampoline, or something to stimulate the lymphatic system on a daily basis?
  • Is daily qigong and/or yoga enough?
  • Are there exercises that are harmful for those over 75 years old?