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Anticancer Lifestyle Foundation board member Dr. Lorenzo Cohen, and his wife Alison Jefferies, co-authors of the book Anticancer Living: Transform your life and Health with the mix of Six, offer ten key lifestyle changes that can reduce the risk of cancer.
News and Features
Meg and Nancy Kane (ALF's Executive Director) interviewed on Fearless Fabulous You (51 min)
Meg Cadoux Hirshberg and Nancy Kane, co-founders of the Anticancer Lifestyle Program, are interviewed about the program by host Melanie Young.
Meg Interview on the Feisty Side of Fifty podcast (17 min)
Host Mary Eileen Williams interviewed Anticancer Lifestyle Program co-founder Meg Cadoux Hirshberg about the benefits of the online course.
Meg Interview on We Have Cancer podcast: - Via the website (35 min)
ACLP co-founder Meg Cadoux Hirshberg is interviewed by host Lee Silverstein about how long-term survivorship is supported and promoted by an anti-inflammatory lifestyle. They discuss ways to begin and sustain Anticancer lifestyle changes.
Understanding the Anticancer Lifestyle with Meg Hirshberg (54 min)
Meg Cadoux Hirshberg is interviewed by host Kim Peek about healthy lifestyle recommendations made in the online Anticancer Lifestyle course and why they are important for cancer survivors and those seeking to prevent cancer and other chronic illnesses.
Women Entrepreneurs Extraordinaire
Host Julie Anderson interviews Anticancer Lifestyle Program co-founder Meg Cadoux Hirshberg about the online course and how it's an outgrowth of her cancer experience, her interest in healthy living, and her family's business, Stonyfield Organic Yogurt.

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