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Anticancer Lifestyle Online Course

Anticancer Lifestyle Online Course: Our online course is divided into five modules: Change, Mindset, Diet, Fitness, and Environment.

  • Using video, animation, text, and interactives, our experts teach you simple ways to reduce stress, maintain a healthy diet, stay active, and reduce exposure to harmful toxins in everyday life.
  • Each module has its own Toolkit to help you further develop your Anticancer lifestyle.
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  • Our Program

    Learn about our mission, how the Anticancer Lifestyle Program works, and how our evidence-based curriculum helps cancer survivors, and those interested in prevention, become more active participants in their own health.
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  • Our Participants

    The Anticancer Lifestyle Program empowers those who seek to gain control over their own health, by giving them the tools and information they need to live a healthy lifestyle. But don’t just take our word for it! See what our program participants have to say.
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  • Our Board

    The Board of Directors of the Anticancer Lifestyle Foundation is responsible for the content of the Anticancer Lifestyle Program. Meet our Board!
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  • Get Started

    Interested in getting involved with the Anticancer Lifestyle Program? Find out what makes our program unqiue and how you can participate or bring it to a facility near you.
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