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Enjoy Your Food! Improve Your Diet…Reduce Your Risk

Thousands of years ago, Hippocrates uttered the famous words, “Let food be thy medicine, and let medicine be thy food.” Research and experience over the millennia has proven that “the father of modern medicine” was correct. Your diet makes a huge difference in your health, and can reduce your risk of cancer growth and recurrence. Eating well reduces inflammation, strengthens your immune system, and makes you feel better.

Using expert videos, animation, text, and interactives, the Diet Module of the Anticancer Lifestyle Program will give you tools you can use to make informed (and delicious!) food choices.


The Diet Module provides basic guidelines for healthy eating and delves into topics such as:

  • Going organic
  • Changing your oil
  • Eating a plant-based diet
  • Beneficial herbs, spices, and teas
  • The benefits of cutting down on sugar and red meat
  • And much more
  • Each course module has its own Toolkit to help you continue to develop your Anticancer Lifestyle.

At the completion of this module, you will have a clear, achievable action plan to make the changes you’d like to see.

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