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The Anticancer Lifestyle Program (ACLP) is a 12-week lifestyle transformation program for people diagnosed with cancer.

The program was developed in 2011 by the Anticancer Lifestyle Foundation and the Payson Center for Cancer Care, a regional, nationally accredited Comprehensive Community Cancer Center, at Concord Hospital in Concord, New Hampshire. The ACLP was inspired by the research and principles outlined in Anticancer: A New Way of Life, by Dr. David Servan-Schreiber.

Evidence shows that a healthy diet, adequate physical activity, decreased exposure to toxins, social support, and stress management all help to maximize the body’s natural defenses to fight cancer. Program participants gain the tools and information necessary to make and sustain these desirable lifestyle changes.

The ACLP is maintained by the Anticancer Lifestyle Foundation, a 501 c3 nonprofit charity, which also licenses the program to sites such as hospitals, cancer centers, wellness centers, and workplaces (as a wellness offering).  Please see this 5-minute Q and A for a quick overview of the course.


Our Mission

Our mission is two-fold: to promote evidence-based lifestyle changes that may reduce the odds of cancer recurrence; and to fill a post-treatment gap for cancer patients, many of whom seek to be active participants in their own health. As one program participant put it: “Everything until now has been done to us; this is something we get to do for ourselves.” Health care providers are confident referring patients to the program, knowing that the curriculum is evidence-based and updated annually with the most recent research and recommendations.

This radio interview on “Smart Talk,” with one of our facilitators in Pennsylvania and a course participant, conveys the program’s impact on cancer survivors.


What Makes Our Program Unique?

The Anticancer Lifestyle Program…

…is an evidence-based, comprehensive, and integrated lifestyle modification program
…is focused on exploring evidence, making choices, and active learning
…is directed at cancer survivors who are looking for steps to stay well after treatment ends, and improve their quality of life
…includes a free online course on environmental toxins
…provides many opportunities for community involvement

How It Works

The Anticancer Lifestyle Program can be offered by any facility — be it in a healthcare or workplace or other setting — as long as the organization has access to experts in each topic, such as a Registered Dietician, fitness expert, and so forth. The only “pillar” that does not require expertise is Anticancer Environment, because we have developed an online mini-course for this section of our curriculum.

Each ACLP location assembles their own team, consisting of a course administrator, a course facilitator, and content experts in the areas covered by the program. The facilitator is present at each session; the content experts attend and teach only their relevant sections. The class, which ideally is composed of a maximum of 25 cancer survivors, meets weekly for 12 weeks. Each session is 2.5 hours. The course is then followed by 3 monthly “maintenance” sessions. The Anticancer Lifestyle Foundation provides the curriculum guides, a dissemination guide, and telephone support throughout the 12 weeks.

For more detailed information about how the program works, please review this short slide deck. If you’d like to start an Anticancer Lifestyle Program in your community or workplace, the Get Started page will explain the process. You can also send us a message through our Contact page.


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