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Step into a world of possibility and positive change with our Anticancer Lifestyle Program Learning Circle. This unique program provides a supportive group setting where you can explore and adopt healthier lifestyle practices alongside peers equally committed to enhancing their well-being. 

Over nine weeks, you’ll dive into areas key to reducing inflammation and overall risk of cancer, cancer recurrence, and chronic illness. You will learn actionable tools, tips, and information related to improving your diet and fitness level, decreasing stress, and reducing exposure to toxic chemicals commonly found in the home environment.

What exactly is a Learning Circle?

Week 1: Introduction & Orientation
Week 2: Making Lasting Change
Week 3: The Power of Mindset
Week 4: The Anti-inflammatory Diet – Part 1
Week 5: The Anti-inflammatory Diet – Part 2
Week 6: The Role of Fitness
Week 7: Personal Environment – Part 1
Week 8: Personal Environment – Part 2
Week 9: Wrap-up and Graduation

Hear From Our Participants

“Thanks to the Anticancer Lifestyle program, I know where to turn for reliable evidence-based information to help guide me as I continue to live into my vision daily of creating a healthy, active life, full of purpose.”

Melody W.

“I knew I needed the community to support to make these lifestyle changes. I feel healthier today than before I was even diagnosed, and no longer have that false feeling of helplessness.”

Erica D. Alaska

“It’s a step-by-step program that empowered me to create the change that I needed.”

Janna J.

“I know the program has made a huge impact in my life, and I really think it will with others.”

Sharon R.

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