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Processed Food Hurts Your Immune System—And Your Kids’ Too

Society’s over-indulgence on foods full of sugar, salt and fat may be ruining our immune systems, a new study says.

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Red Meat Possibly Linked to Breast Cancer Study

Women who often indulge their cravings for hamburgers, steaks and other red meat may have a slightly higher risk of

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Exercise Linked to Improved Bladder Cancer Survival

Regular exercise may increase the odds of bladder cancer survival. But smoking and a delay in diagnosis are two factors

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7 Fruits and Veggies a Day? Easy Ways to Sneak Them In

If you thought fitting in five fruits and veggies a day was tough, hold onto your fruit bowl: New research

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Anticancer : A New way of life

Dr. David Servan-Schreiber, describes natural methods of health care that contribute to preventing the development of cancer or to bolstering treatment.

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