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Exercise is key to living an Anticancer lifestyle. By reducing inflammation and strengthening the immune system, physical activity can lower your risk of cancer, cancer recurrence, and chronic illness.

The Anticancer Lifestyle Program offers a rich array of free resources so you can learn your way.

Take the Fitness Module of our free online course

Using expert videos, animation, text, and interactives, the Fitness module of the Anticancer Lifestyle Program will teach you about the many types of activities that can improve your fitness and how to develop an exercise plan. 

You will learn about:

  • How fitness affects health
  • The benefits of cardiovascular exercise
  • Easy ways to improve your strength
  • The importance of flexibility and balance training
  • How to create and implement a fitness plan
  • Ways to get better sleep

Download our eBooks

Need something bite-sized? Our beautifully-designed eBooks offer useful information on a wide variety of topics. Visit our eBook page to download for free and read anytime, anywhere. Some are available in Spanish, too.

Mindset 101: Learning to Manage Your Stress

Fit After 50: Adding Days to Your Life & Life to Your Days

eBook Cover

The Anti-inflammatory Diet eBook

Anticancer Diet: Grocery Shopping Guide

View our Webinars

Webinars are ideal for people who learn best by listening. Our presenters cover topics ranging from fitness as we age, to improving the immune system through movement – and much more!

All webinars are archived on our site so you can watch at your convenience.

The Joy Choice: Making Your New Year’s Diet and Fitness Resolutions Stick

In this provocative presentation, University of Michigan researcher and health coach Michelle Segar, PhD, MPH, MS, explains why current approaches to healthy habit formation…

Portrait of Dr. Peter Wayne

Understand the Healing Benefits of Mind-Body Exercises

Dr. Peter Wayne of Harvard Medical School’s Osher Center explains how these movement practices reduce pain and improve balance, energy, and mood.

Boosting Your Immune System Through Movement

Dr. Martha Eddy demonstrates simple movements that boost the immune system by increasing lymphatic flow.

15 minutes a day

Join our 7 day Kickstart Programs

In only 15 minutes a day, you can kickstart your journey to wellness. Click on each icon to see the Kickstart topics.

Day 1
Setting Realistic Fitness Goals
Day 2
Cardiovascular Health & Exercises
Day 3
Strength Training Essentials
Day 4
Flexibility & Balance
Day 5
Neuromotor Training
Day 6
Your Personalized Fitness Plan
Day 7
Quality Sleep for a Healthier Life
Day 1
Assess Your Stress
Day 2
The Mind-Body Connection
Day 3
The Anticancer Mindset
Day 4
Gratitude & Being in Nature
Day 5
Mindfulness Techniques
Day 6
Mindfulness in Daily Life
Day 7
Mindfulness & Change
Day 1
Anti-inflammatory Foods
Day 2
Mindful Eating
Day 3
Healthy Food Shopping
Day 4
Ultra-processed Foods
Day 5
Fiber and Gut Health
Day 6
Nontoxic Cookwear
Day 7
Recipes and Next Steps
Day 1
Healthy Home Assessment
Day 2
Personal Care Products
Day 3
The Healthy Kitchen
Day 4
Clean Cleaning
Day 5
Clean Indoor Air
Day 6
Dry Cleaning and Fabrics
Day 7
Create Your Anticancer Environment

Read our Blog

How much movement should I get? What are some simple stretches I should do every day? Our Program’s exercise physiologist answers common questions and provides up-to-date information about fitness.

Browse our Toolkit

Our online Fitness toolkit is a gold mine of information, all to help you develop and maintain a personalized fitness program. Open up a world of videos, apps, worksheets, tip sheets, articles, books, and so much more!

MapMyFitness App

Map My Fitness


Anticancer Fitness Pyramid

A man and woman stretching while looking at a laptop together

Dr. Martha Eddy’s 4-minute Immune Boosting Workout

Woman stretching her arms in a yellow jacket

Exercise lowers risk of at least 13 types of cancer

Hear what others are saying about the Fitness pillar of the Anticancer Lifestyle Program.

“The module has given me back the trust in my body and my choices that I lost through cancer and treatments.”

“I’ve learned there isn’t one ‘right’ way to fold exercise into my daily routine.”

“I now walk whenever I can, and take the stairs instead of the elevator. I praise myself for every step I take!”

“I’ve enjoyed trying a number of new activities, including dance kinetics, Qigong, Fit Ball, and yoga!”

“On Mother’s Day I asked for a hike–nothing else! Just me, my husband, and my kids, in the woods.”

“I was inspired to purchase tension bands and have found other simple ways of increasing my strength.”

“I never knew yoga was so fun and calming.”

“I am excited to start practicing what I have learned. Thank you.”

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