A More Deliberate Way of Living

Meg Hirshberg and baby
Portrait of Meg Hirshberg Meg Cadoux

Shelter-in-place. Flatten the curve. These non-stop, recurring directives weave their way through our social media news feeds and poke out their heads no matter where we look. And for each of us, they evoke a unique response. For some, this strange time has provided an opportunity to slow down and reflect. For others, the Age of COVID has provoked a constant gnawing fear and anxiety. Many of us swing wildly between these two poles, depending on the headlines of the day and particulars in our lives. 

So many of our behaviors and responses result from habit—an automated way of living, responding and being that determines everything from what we eat to the people we spend time with to the thoughts we recycle in our head. But this pandemic has upended much of what we thought we knew, and has forced us to deeply examine our normal life patterns. On a massive scale, fabrics are being unwoven, affecting the very fibers of our own being. 

By empowering participants to make healthier choices, the Anticancer Lifestyle online course helps people shape bodies and minds that are safe places to “shelter in place”.  And by making these changes, we can all “flatten” the odds of cancer, cancer recurrence, and of chronic illness altogether.  

In this newsletter, we have provided a selection of mindfulness practices that can get you through any situation, a few tips to ensure that the air in your home stays clean while you remain indoors, and a short video on getting the most out of your veggies.

For this course, our hope is to suggest positive choices you can make each day, in every major aspect of your life, to nourish a more mindful and deliberate way of living, no matter what the circumstance, no matter what “Age” we happen to be living through.

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