How One Cancer Survivor Decided to Empower Herself

The Anticancer Lifestyle Team

“Everything else has been done TO us. This is something we get to do for ourselves.”

When Donna signed up for the Anticancer Lifestyle Program, she realized that the choices she was making in her daily life weren’t helping her reduce her odds of getting a recurrence of her breast cancer. After her cancer treatment, she was left with a lingering feeling of just ‘waiting for the cancer to come back’. 

The Anticancer Lifestyle course empowered Donna to make lifestyle changes that made her feel healthier in every way.  After taking the diet module, Donna changed her eating habits by eating more organic produce and more fruits and vegetables generally, and a lot less sugar and processed food. She decided that if she was going to eat food, she might as well eat food that was going to help her remain healthy. 

Watch this heartwarming testimonial in which Donna explains some of the ways the Anticancer Lifestyle Program empowered her to make positive changes that helped manage her disease and contribute to her overall well-being. 

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