Stories of Success

Anticancer Lifestyle program has been a chance to re-evaluate and re-focus on my current lifestyle, and consider changes that might enhance it in the future.  It is a continuing work-in-progress.”

“This program came at the perfect time for me when I was feeling vulnerable and trying to get over this last hurdle – the moving on phase and being a true survivor! It has proven to be an empowering experience. My sincerest thanks!”

“Just reading the book on my own wasn’t enough; it took a whole village of dedicated professionals to craft David’s writings into a well-planned classroom experience.

“It all came together! We realized that our goals exist and our steps are working. Tonight reinforced the delicate balance that is found in a group. This group is an amazing selection of people who I am proud to call my friends!”

“There is so much to learn – the resources provided are outstanding and I am looking forward to doing some research on products that I use regularly.”

“It is an excellent program and should be used for all aspects of patients, not just cancer patients. I think the group connections and how Margaret presented the information as our facilitator was great. Being connected to each other is very important to move forward and sustain a healthy lifestyle.  Thank you.”

“I really loved this program…it has changed my life and makes me feel like I have some control over a non-controllable situation! THANKS SO MUCH!!”

I couldn’t have anticipated the degree of love among them, and caring among them. They collectively started feeling the optimism, and were sharing it together and helping one another.”

- Note from a faculty member

Note from a facilitator at a dissemination site:

“We had our last session last night and all I can say is wow! The participants were so thankful for this course and said so many things that were powerful, I was truly in awe. During the diploma process, many people cried because of the new friends that they made, the things that they learned, and just how much more in control they felt. I wish I had everything to tell you verbatim, but 2 very powerful statements for me were:

I no longer feel like a victim.

The course helped me get through my treatment.

There were so many more comments and everyone seemed to have made at least one if not many changes. And so many connections were made!! I can tell you that many people, including myself, were sad last night to say goodbye to our weekly sessions. It felt like a family.

I have provided health education programs for years and truly have never seen anything like this. I absolutely believe that everyone who participated will continue making changes throughout their lives.  You always hope for that, but you know behavior change is hard. However, with this program, I felt it, I know they will continue to thrive.

Thank you once again (that doesn’t even feel adequate) for sharing this with us.  It was an incredible journey and I cannot wait for the next one!”    

- Note from a facilitator at a dissemination site

“I’ve made many changes during the program, changes in activity levels, outlook, diet and confidence in the future and in my ability to affect my health and well- being. I feel armed with knowledge.

“This class has taken us all beyond being survivors. To me, surviving implies passivity. As a result of this program, we have all regained some sense of control.