Stories of Success

“OOOHHH where do I begin? I meditate daily. I have a weekly Reiki session. I breathe. I practice gazing at the sky, feeling my cat’s purr, sinking into my comfy bed, watching the changing shapes in the woods out back, walking more slowly and looking more intently. I try to breathe in peace whenever I can.”

“I am looking into Yoga as a result of our guest last night. I did not realize how fun and calming yoga is.

Have used ‘mindfulness’ more in dealing with myself and others. Have revised my diet in several ways – was already focused on diet before this program, but learned a lot from Megan’s classes. Have stepped up my exercise – more rounded out – weight bearing, aerobic, strengthening and stretching. Feel connected with people in this program.  I continue to make changes in my environment, ventilating the house daily as suggested, changed out cookware and got rid of most plastics and toxic cleaning agents. Passed along information learned to several friends/relatives.”

“The Anticancer Lifestyle Program allows me to continue my attack mode on the home front, by giving me knowledge on healthy choices I can make today.”

“The ACLP is one of the best experiences I have had. It taught me life lessons that I wish I had known decades ago. As an ACLP alum I feel so very lucky in life. Thank you!”

“I think I needed the stress reduction sessions the most. I now have the ability to slow down, take some deep breaths. I feel I can better manage the stresses in my life, I am more at peace not only myself but also with those around me.

“I knew changes were going to happen, but I think the extent is surprising me still. I’m happy about them. The whole experience renewed my faith in humanity. You learn you have to focus on what I can control. My food, my water, my Pyrex.”

“Thank you for presenting this life-saving information in an easily digestible format. It’s every bit as important as choosing your doctor, hospital, & treatment plan.”

- Nick P.