Stories of Success


“The Anticancer Lifestyle Program was, for me, the continuation of a journey.  I doubted there was much more to be gained from the program.  How wrong I was.  The program reinforced the changes I made earlier, but most importantly brought me together with people who have taken control of their lives, have traveled similar journeys, and who share a joy of living.”

“Thanks to the Anticancer Lifestyle Program I have learned to take control of my future and I look forward to many years with my wonderful husband and beautiful children.”

“There is nothing like this anywhere. Please continue your program, it’s so very important to me.”

“When Payson Center called and asked if I was prepared to make a 12-week commitment to the program, I felt like someone had thrown a life preserver to me.  I think the most beneficial part of this program is the support and caring shared by all of us who are lucky enough to be here.”

“The Anticancer Lifestyle Program allows me to continue my attack mode on the home front, by giving me knowledge on healthy choices I can make today.”

“Absolutely wonderful program!!!! This program came at EXACTLY the point in my journey that I needed it.”

“This program is wonderful. It really enlightens you. Margaret and the entire team have provided me and I’m sure all in the class with information that is so useful. I realize that I need to make changes that work for me but I feel that this program has made me so aware that I will make changes more quickly.”