Stories of Success

“There is nothing like this anywhere. Please continue your program, it’s so very important to me.”

“When Payson Center called and asked if I was prepared to make a 12-week commitment to the program, I felt like someone had thrown a life preserver to me.  I think the most beneficial part of this program is the support and caring shared by all of us who are lucky enough to be here.”

“The Anticancer Lifestyle Program allows me to continue my attack mode on the home front, by giving me knowledge on healthy choices I can make today.”

“This program is wonderful. It really enlightens you. Margaret and the entire team have provided me and I’m sure all in the class with information that is so useful. I realize that I need to make changes that work for me but I feel that this program has made me so aware that I will make changes more quickly.”

“After reading Dr. David Servan-Schreiber’s book and taking the ACLP course, I felt the empowerment that comes when you are no longer passive, waiting for cancer.  There is nothing more toxic than a sense of helplessness.”

“I was particularly impressed with the classes on chemicals and food.  Both instructors were able to counteract a lot of what is simply not good practices, and were very helpful to our discussions.  I applaud their knowledge, current work and thank everyone involved in this program.”

“I couldn’t have anticipated the degree of love among them, and caring among them. They collectively started feeling the optimism, and were sharing it together and helping one another.”

- Note from a faculty member

“I enjoy the physical activity of the hikes/walks & the natural beauty of the views.  For Mother’s Day I asked for a hike- nothing else-just a walk in the woods with my kids and husband!  Last week, I went hiking in VT for 4 days.  I’ve enjoyed trying a number of new activities including dance kinetics, Qigong, Fit ball and Yoga!”

“I really think Bill Gunn’s presentation of change and all the means of sustaining change is foundational to the success of the entire ACL class. It’s up to me now!  As Margaret stated, you have to be “intentional” about making change.  A wealth of information was provided – all interesting and beneficial.”

“I have continued to try to improve my diet. I eat very little red meat (hardly any, really) which is a big change. I read labels much more. I refer to the site regularly before buying products (and have told friends about it). I’ve stepped up my exercise routine. I do exercise daily and continue to wear my pedometer and track my exercise and steps every day. I have also kept Bill’s Wheel of Life in mind. I have spent much more time meditating and developing the spiritual part of me. I feel things are much more balanced.”

“I used to treat myself to a Twinkie and a Ho-Ho every night before bed.  Now that I understand the relationship between fat, sugar and cancer, I’ve stopped doing that and lost eight pounds.”