Stories of Success

For me, every class was fun and informative. I feel I have a wealth of sources on each topic given by wonderful teachers. Thank you for this program.”

“This has been a great program. I wish it had been available years ago. Please keep up the program and if possible make it available to non-cancer folks as well.”

“What’s been most important to me is the sense of hope. That there are in fact things I can do for myself, to improve my health and the quality of my life moving forward. Each small change I make makes me want to make another one.

“I consider the Anticancer Lifestyle Program my fourth round of treatment…only this time, I am back in control.

I am very grateful for this program. I agree very strongly with the information presented, it is very powerful. I have a vision that one day, every hospital will provide this to their cancer patients.”

- De Luna

I now eat far more veggies, and look at packaging, cutting processed foods, and working on cutting out sugar.”

“I have changed aspects of diet, stress, exercise and toxin exposure, too numerous to mention here. I am now more open to and actively pursuing change in support of my hoped-for, improved health outcomes and in allowing my body’s natural defenses to function well.”

“I think I needed the stress reduction sessions the most. I now have the ability to slow down, take some deep breaths. I feel I can better manage the stresses in my life, I am more at peace not only myself but also with those around me.

The class filled a gap. It helped answer the question, now what? How can I try to keep this from happening again?”

“All plastic was kicked out of my home this past weekend—containers, plastic wrap, etc. I transferred most of my foods from plastic containers into glass. I will begin to freeze food using glass (mason jars). My cleaning products now consist of baking soda, white vinegar, rubbing alcohol, and Seventh Generation laundry and dish detergent. My life has suddenly gotten a lot simpler! I switched my personal skin care products to organic and chemical-free and my makeup is mineral-based. I can hear my grandmother applauding….

“It’s a welcoming and educational environment filled with all that encompasses a positive life-changing experience.