Stories of Success

“I have continued to try to improve my diet. I eat very little red meat (hardly any, really) which is a big change. I read labels much more. I refer to the site regularly before buying products (and have told friends about it). I’ve stepped up my exercise routine. I do exercise daily and continue to wear my pedometer and track my exercise and steps every day. I have also kept the Wheel of Life in mind. I have spent much more time meditating and developing the spiritual part of me. I feel things are much more balanced.

“The Anticancer Lifestyle Program has served as a guide and a compilation of resources to put me on a clear path.

I’ve relaxed my iron grip on my life and given more thought to what’s happening in the moment.  Finding ways to slow down and the justification for slowing down has been enormous. I appreciate the emphasis on consciously steering away from the busy mental state and enjoying ‘now.’”

“Two years after finishing the ACLP—I continue to do yoga, meditation, Reiki, Tai Chi, walking. Will not allow negative people near me. No longer watch any so-called “news”. Read every label on every single thing I buy. When not in use, I unplug my TV, Internet router, and cell phone. I say ‘thank you for my life’ every day.

“Every session has been uniquely appropriate and perfectly timed. Now I find I understand that a wholesome campaign of healthy living starts with our perspective on the quality of our life and goals. We were shown tools to look within ourselves to decide how we want to live our lives.

“I am happy to have a specific goal- this was very concrete and provided me with another tool to include in my ‘get healthy kit’. I like the variety of exercise ideas. It was so much fun to see the group get up and move together. The laughter in the room makes the exercise more fun.

“This program not only provided so much information on how to live a healthy lifestyle to minimize the odds of cancer recurrence, it has given me back the sense of control in my life regarding cancer. While we can’t predict our future, I can take control of the steps I take today which gives me great hope for my health in the future.”

“Many times throughout the day I am able to stop and think about the moment, and evaluate what is happening and what is important at the time. It is a process that I can see and feel within myself that has already improved the quality of life.

“When treatment is done, it should feel like good news (and it does to a point) but then there’s that ‘what now?’ feeling. There is stress that comes with it…the haunting feeling, ‘is it really gone? What can I do to keep it from coming back? The good news is now there’s a program based on the Anticancer book!

“I don’t look at meat as the main part of my meal. I eat less meat and more fruits and vegetables. I seek out plant-based recipes.  Lastly, I try and will continue to try to eat foods I have not eaten before, e.g. eggplant and kale. (Still not fond of kale, but at least I tried it.)”

“Two years after finishing the course I am happy to say that I’ve radically changed my diet: I eat only organic foods; I stocked up on local farmer produce and learned how to freeze the veggies and fruits to eat during the winter; I clean my home using white vinegar, Seventh generation products only; I incorporated yoga, meditation, Reiki, and massage into my routine; I did A LOT of focused emotional de-toxing which was tough work but left me much lighter in spirit; I made a concerted effort to move away from negativity (people, events, etc.); developed a balance between solitude and social activities; laughed as much and as often as possible.”