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ACLP-approved Health Coaches

Our Anticancer Lifestyle team recognizes that lifestyle change is not easy.  If you are someone who can use extra guidance and support, we highly recommend using the services of our ACLP-approved coaches to help you create and sustain your Anticancer Lifestyle. Our coaches have all been trained in their respective fields, and have experience coaching people to help them achieve their change goals. They will work with you virtually, using connections that will ensure your privacy.

After reading our coaches’ short bios below, you can either decide which of them would be better suit your needs, or submit your form and let the coaches decide who might be best to work with you.  Each coach has pledged to work within ACLP guidelines, but the Anticancer Lifestyle Foundation does not have oversight into the coaching relationship and is not responsible for the guidance you receive. 

Before you engage with one of our coaches, ideally you will have reviewed all the course modules, but at the very least, please be sure that you have first gone through the modules that represent the areas you’d like to work on with your coach.  

Ideally, you will first go through the modules that you’d like to work on with them. Financial arrangements are made directly with the coaches, each of whom will provide a secure way to do their virtual coaching. 

  • Crystal Cascio
    Crystal Cascio
    Registered Dietitian

    Crystal is a Registered Dietitian (RD) and health coach who is passionate about Anticancer living. After graduating with her B.S. degree in nutrition from the University of New Hampshire, Crystal went on to pursue her M.S. degree in nutrition from New York University. She also received an advanced practice credential in integrative and functional nutrition (Integrative and Functional Nutrition Certified Practitioner, IFNCP) and has completed a health coaching training program approved by the National Board for Health & Wellness Coaching.

    Crystal believes in the importance of looking at all aspects of lifestyle, and taking a personalized, holistic approach toward optimal health and well-being. She coaches in the ACLP module areas of Diet, Fitness, and Mindset.

    In her free time, Crystal enjoys trying new recipes, visiting farms, shopping at farmers markets, doing yoga, being outdoors, traveling, reading and most importantly: living an anticancer lifestyle!

  • Deborah deMoulpied
    Deborah deMoulpied
    Green Living Expert; Athletic Trainer

    Deborah deMoulpied is a Green Living Expert and Athletic Trainer. She received a Master’s degree in Education from the University of New Hampshire, and spent years in the health field as a Certified Athletic Trainer. She has worked as a college athletic trainer, and taught dance and fitness.

    Deborah was the founder of an environmental green goods store in New Hampshire and is active in the environmental community. In order to choose the cleanest possible products for her store, Deborah spent years researching and vetting companies and products so that her customers could be confident that the brands she carried were the safest ones available. Deborah created the in-person version of the ACLP Environment pillar and has taught it since 2011, in addition to the online module. Deb is a frequent guest lecturer at cancer support groups and organizations interested in a less toxic lifestyle.

    After years teaching cancer patients in the in-person Anticancer Lifestyle Program, Deborah often felt the participants’ initial shock about the pervasiveness of toxins and their impact on health. But she finds that once participants learn about solutions and easy ways to make wiser purchasing decisions, they begin to feel empowered and more in control of their personal environment.

    Deborah coaches in the ACLP module areas of Environment and Fitness.

  • Peter Pace
    Peter Pace
    Certified Personal Trainer

    Peter Pace is completing a Master’s degree in Nutrition and Exercise Physiology at Columbia University. He holds a Bachelor of Science in Nutrition and Dietetics from Arizona State University (ASU) along with the Nutrition and Dietetics Technician, Registered (NDTR) credential. He is a Certified Personal Trainer (CPT) with the National Strength and Conditioning Association (NSCA) and has extensive experience training in both the collegiate and private sectors. Through his education in nutrition and exercise physiology, and experience training both individuals and groups, Peter has developed a holistic approach to overall health that is tailored to the individual. His training style is grounded in a philosophy of functional movement, nutrition, and sustainable lifestyle adaptations designed to promote a happier and healthier life for his clients.

Session Format: 

All sessions to take place via phone, FaceTime, Skype, or HIPPA compliant telehealth platform the coach may already be utilizing.


  • Initial Health Coaching Session (60-minute initial assessment): $75.00
  • Follow-up Health Coaching Sessions (30 minutes): $40.00
  • Health and Wellness Coaching Package options:
    o   Initial Session + 2 Coaching Sessions: $140.00
    o   Initial Session + 5 Coaching Sessions: $240.00


Payment for coaching sessions is made directly to each coach.

Acceptable forms of payment:

  • Credit card (You will cite your card number to the coach over the phone, who will enter it into a secure card reader.)
  • Paypal
  • HIPPA compliant telehealth platform using secure payment processing. Depending on the coach, you may be offered a HIPPA compliant telehealth platform that has secure payment processing, such as Stripe.


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