Anticancer Expert Q&A

Expert Q&A

Fitness Q&A: Peter Pace, Fitness Instructor

Join us for this informative Q&A session with Fitness Instructor Peter Pace, who will focus on the Exercise module of the Anticancer Lifestyle Program.

Expert Q&A

Mindset Q&A: Margaret Fletcher, Mindfulness Instructor

Join us for this engaging Q&A session with Margaret Fletcher, a renowned Mindfulness Instructor, focusing on the Mindset module of the Anticancer Lifestyle Program.

Expert Q&A

Expert Q&A: Deborah deMoulpied, Green Living expert

Join us for a special Q&A session with Deborah deMoulpied, our go-to expert on all things related to living a non-toxic, healthy lifestyle.

Expert Q&A

Expert Q&A 2/6/24: Crystal Pace, Registered Dietitian

Crystal Pace, Registered Dietitian (RD) and Health Coach summarizes key points from the Diet module of the Anticancer Lifestyle Program and answers your questions about nutrition.

Expert Q&A

Expert Q&A 5/2/2023: Deborah de Moulpied, Green Living Expert

In this Expert Q&A, Green Living Expert Deborah de Moulpied answers: Can you explain the research on microplastics and environmental toxins and their impact on cancer? Is silicone safe for baking?…

Expert Q&A

Expert Q&A 4/4/2023: Margaret Fletcher, Certified Mindfulness Instructor

Margaret Fletcher, Certified Mindfulness Instructor, summarizes key points from the Mindset module of the Anticancer Lifestyle Program and answers your questions about mindfulness.

Expert Q&A

Expert Q&A 2/7/2023: Crystal Pace, Registered Dietitian and Health Coach

Are grains inflammatory, and should they be avoided? Do you need supplements if you have a healthy diet? Plant-based milks seem to have some questionable ingredients.

Expert Q&A

Expert Q&A 12/6/2022: Crystal Pace, Registered Dietitian and Health Coach

Can fasting help with weight loss? Do we really have to stay away from sugar/carbs? How do you get enough protein on a plant-based diet? Do I really need to eat only organic? Are Keto diets really hea…

Expert Q&A

Expert Q&A 11/1/2022: Peter Pace, Fitness Instructor

Can exercise improve white blood cell count? If yes, what kind of exercise? If you’re battling cancer fatigue,  should exercise routines be mild,  moderate, or strenuous? What is the best exer…

Expert Q&A

Expert Q&A 10/4/2022: Deborah de Moulpied, Green Living Expert

How should we read labels on packaging and products to avoid toxic materials? Can you help me understand parabens in our products? Should we avoid them and are vegan products the way to go? What is an…

Expert Q&A

Expert Q&A 9/6/2022: Margaret Fletcher, Mindfulness Instructor

How can I reduce stress after cancer treatment to prevent recurrence? Is mindfulness effective? Does it affect cancer outcomes? How do you get started with Meditation and are there progression steps? …

Expert Q&A

Expert Q&A 5/3/2022: Crystal Cascio, Registered Dietitian

How bad is sugar, really? What is your opinion on fasting? Are there optimal times we should be eating our meals? Can you address foods that work synergistically together? How can I get enough protein…

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