“Just completed the Anticancer Lifestyle program. Strongly encourage survivors, those looking to prevent cancer, those with risk factors, and really all of us to take this course. Most of us are unaware of how many risks exist, particularly from environmental factors. My favorite was the environment section. People get some nutrition, stress management, and exercise guidance but virtually no information about toxins and their impact.”

I really loved this course…it has changed my life and makes me feel like I have some control over a non-controllable situation! THANKS SO MUCH!!”

“I cannot tell you enough how well done these courses are – everything was great – the videos and interactive activities were very helpful. The organization and delivery of the content is very impressive!

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Understand the Healing Benefits of Mind-Body Exercises


Many people are unfamiliar with the healing benefits of Eastern-based movement practices such as Tai Chi and Qigong. These practices have been found to enhance balance, reduce pain, increase energy, improve mood, and so much more. Dr. Peter Wayne, researcher and practitioner at Harvard Medical School’s Osher Center and Director of the Osher Center for Integrative Medicine, has more than 40 years of training in Tai Chi and Qigong. He is also an internationally recognized teacher of these practices.

In this webinar, Dr. Wayne will:

  • Introduce the increasingly popular practices of tai chi and qigong, and the benefits of mind-body exercises;
  • Summarize the scientific evidence for the effectiveness of these movement practices in managing a diverse array of symptoms, including fatigue, pain, depression, sleep, and improving overall quality of life for cancer patients and others suffering from chronic illness;
  • Highlight the relevance of self-care with mind-body exercises for cancer caregivers;
  • Offer practical tips for finding programs and integrating mind-body exercises into daily routines.