“I never imagined the online course would be so comprehensive, enjoyable, and easy to follow! ”

After treatment, I was in a free fall. The Anticancer Lifestyle Program caught me and gave me the support I really needed.”

My breast cancer diagnosis was a wake up call. The Diet module helped me to learn the science behind the food rules I followed while raising my kids and has motivated me to get back to that healthier way of cooking and eating. Thank you!

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Actions You Can Take for Cleaner Air

These simple actions will result in cleaner air in your home.

  • Open windows, ventilate
  • Remove shoes
  • Wet mop & Dust
  • HEPA filters or Central Vac
  • Test for Radon, Water & Air
  • Burn clean candles
  • Avoid plastics-especially PVC
  • Avoid dry cleaning-PERC (perchloroethylene)
  • Reduce VOCs
  • Go fragrance free
  • Use carbon catchers
  • Have house plants
  • Ventilate during cooking
  • Use safer cleaning products
  • Have chemical-free mattresses
  • Avoid flame retardants
  • Do not use non-stick (PFAS) cookware
  • Use natural bug repellants, no pesticides
  • Keep house clean & dry
  • Use pump sprays instead of aerosol
  • Store paints, solvents, and auto products safely
  • Avoid particle board products
  • Air purifiers-IQAir
  • Wear a mask while working on projects

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