• Is Makeup Bad for You?

    The average American adult uses between 6 to 12 cosmetics and personal care products daily–and many of these chemicals have never been tested for safety. Join Carla Burns, Senior Director of Cosmetic Science at the Environmental Working Group (ewg.

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  • The Plant-Based Meats and Milks e-Book

    Download the eBook “Plant-based Meats and Milks: Just How Healthy Are They?   Plant-based meats—burgers, chicken, hot dogs, bacon, sausage, and steaks—and dairy—milks, butter, cheese, yogurt, creamer, and even ice cream–have been popping up all over our grocery stores.

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  • How Healthy Are Plant-Based Meats and Milk?

    Many consumers falsely assume that plant-based products are healthier than animal-based alternatives. In this webinar, Registered Dietitian and Nutritionist Crystal Cascio will discuss what to look out for when it comes to plant-based products, in addition to reviewing well-known brands.

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