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After treatment, I was in a free fall. The Anticancer Lifestyle Program caught me and gave me the support I really needed.”

My breast cancer diagnosis was a wake up call. The Diet module helped me to learn the science behind the food rules I followed while raising my kids and has motivated me to get back to that healthier way of cooking and eating. Thank you!

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Additives to glyphosate-based herbicides are themselves toxic

Research conducted by Mesnard et al, published in the journal Toxicology, found that the additives to glyphosate-based herbicides are themselves toxic to human cells.

Pesticides typically consist of an active ingredient, such as glyphosate in Roundup, and additives, or “adjuvants”.  Since the adjuvants themselves can be toxic, it is necessary to assess the entire pesticide formulation as a mixtures.  According to the researchers, the pesticide formulation is more toxic than glyphosate alone.