After treatment, I was in a free fall. The Anticancer Lifestyle Program caught me and gave me the support I really needed.”

“I never imagined the online course would be so comprehensive, enjoyable, and easy to follow! ”

My breast cancer diagnosis was a wake up call. The Diet module helped me to learn the science behind the food rules I followed while raising my kids and has motivated me to get back to that healthier way of cooking and eating. Thank you!

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Dry Cleaning, Fabrics, and Household Plastics

Here are some simple steps you can follow to limit your exposure to harmful chemicals found in fabrics and household plastics:

For dry cleaning and fabrics, try to:

  • Choose green cleaning or wet cleaning, instead of dry cleaning.
  • Use natural, untreated fibers.
  • Hand wash fabrics, or use natural or safe laundry detergents.
  • Always wash new clothing that is worn next to the skin. Washing removes a lot of the “finishers” used in the textile industry.
  • Use wool as a natural substitute for flame retardants in products like mattresses and padding.
  • Avoid products containing claims such as “Stain Resistant,” “Wrinkle Free,” “Permanent Press,” “Anti-Bacterial,” “Odor Reducing,” “Water Proof,” “Non Flammable,” “Wash and Wear,” “No-Iron,” “Wrinkle Resistant,” and “Easy Care.”
  • Choose carpets and padding without stain repellents or flame retardants, preferably natural fibers like wool, cotton, and jute.

When it comes to plastics in the home, try to:

  • Choose natural fibers, nylon, PEVA, or EVA for shower curtains instead of PVC plastic.
  • Open car windows as much as possible, particularly with new cars and when cars are not in use. Use the outside circulating air option in the car.
  • Buy non-PVC window blinds.
  • Avoid all products made from PVC plastic – check for the “sweet PVC Smell.”
  • Look for toys made from natural materials.
  • Avoid vinyl flooring. Choose real linoleum instead.
  • Choose electronics from companies that have committed to reducing the use of harmful chemicals

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