When I ran across your program I went from a feeling of utter despair at my grim prognosis to a sense of hope & empowerment. Thank you for presenting this life-saving information in an easily digestible format. It’s every bit as important as choosing your doctor, hospital, & treatment plan. I’ve not only survived my expiration date but have thrived past it!”

Wow, Wow, WOW! Every medical facility in the world should share this course with their patients BEFORE they get cancer!”

“The Anticancer Lifestyle Program gives us options for new ways to live. Empowered and informed, we know small steps will lead to lives transformed.

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Mindset Q&A: Margaret Fletcher, Mindfulness Instructor

Join us for this engaging Q&A session with Margaret Fletcher, a renowned Mindfulness Instructor, focusing on the Mindset module of the Anticancer Lifestyle Program. Margaret will offer insights into the benefits of mindfulness for those recovering from cancer and how it can aid in stress reduction and prevention of recurrence.

Topics discussed include:

  • How can beginners start their meditation practice, and what does progression look like in mindfulness meditation?
  • How can mindfulness support individuals currently undergoing cancer treatment to enhance their recovery process?
  • How can one identify unrecognized stress, and what mindfulness techniques can reveal and alleviate hidden stress?
  • What mindfulness techniques are effective for navigating challenging interpersonal dynamics, such as dealing with a toxic coworker or unaccepting families?
  • What immediate mental relaxation techniques can individuals use to cope with acute stressors?