“I never imagined the online course would be so comprehensive, enjoyable, and easy to follow! ”

After treatment, I was in a free fall. The Anticancer Lifestyle Program caught me and gave me the support I really needed.”

My breast cancer diagnosis was a wake up call. The Diet module helped me to learn the science behind the food rules I followed while raising my kids and has motivated me to get back to that healthier way of cooking and eating. Thank you!

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Endocrine disruptors (like BPA and pesticides) linked to breast cancer

Endocrine disruptors are exogenous chemicals that can interfere and impair the function of the endocrine system due to their interaction with estrogen receptors or their estrogen signaling pathways inducing adverse effects in the normal mammary development, originating cancer. They are heterogeneous chemicals and include numerous synthetic substances used worldwide in agriculture, industry and consumer products. The most common are plasticizers, such as bisphenol A (BPA), pesticides, such as dichlorodiphenyltrichloroethane, and polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs). Xenoestrogens appear to serve an important role in the increased incidence of breast cancer in the United States and numerous other countries. Several studies have demonstrated the role of organochlorine xenoestrogens in breast cancer. Therefore, the overall cumulative exposure of women to estrogens results in an increased risk for this type of cancer. Factors like lifestyle and diet also serve a role in the increased incidence of this disease.

Read more here in the online journal Oncology Letters.