When I ran across your program I went from a feeling of utter despair at my grim prognosis to a sense of hope & empowerment. Thank you for presenting this life-saving information in an easily digestible format. It’s every bit as important as choosing your doctor, hospital, & treatment plan. I’ve not only survived my expiration date but have thrived past it!

This program is so informative, I wish there was a way to make it available to every cancer patient!”

“The Anticancer Lifestyle Program has been a great addition to our Cancer Center here in Louisiana. The resources reinforce the importance of physical and mental wellbeing throughout survivorship. We are so grateful to have this program help our patients not just survive after cancer, but to thrive.”

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Expert Q&A, 11/7/2021: Margaret Fletcher, Mindfulness Instructor

  • Do you have advice for leveraging mindfulness during annual cancer check tests?
  • What can you do when your racing thoughts seem to be overwhelming?
  • Can stress cause cancer?
  • Can meditation show up in the form of movement? Sometimes sitting still feels the opposite of what I need at any particular moment.
  • How can I overcome stress driven by fear from cancer recurrence?
  • How can I deal with being constantly in ‘fight/flight/freeze’ mode due to working 7 days a week and financial stressor realities?