“The Anticancer Lifestyle Program gives us options for new ways to live. Empowered and informed, we know small steps will lead to lives transformed.

When I ran across your program I went from a feeling of utter despair at my grim prognosis to a sense of hope & empowerment. Thank you for presenting this life-saving information in an easily digestible format. It’s every bit as important as choosing your doctor, hospital, & treatment plan. I’ve not only survived my expiration date but have thrived past it!”

This program is so informative, I wish there was a way to make it available to every cancer patient!”

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Gratitude Practice Worksheet

Writing down the things you’re grateful for is a great tool to help you begin to change your mindset.

Instructions: 2-3 times a week, write down 3-5 things—these could be people, sensations, or experiences–for which you are grateful. Explain in detail why you are grateful for these things. For example, don’t just list a person’s name who is a nice person. Explain why you are grateful to have them in your life. Use the space below for this purpose, or start keeping a notebook.

Prompts to get started: These are optional prompts you can use if you are having trouble getting started.

I am grateful for my family because:
I am grateful for my friendship with __________ because:
I am grateful I experienced ______________ because:
I am grateful for who I am because:
I am grateful I have the skill/ability to _________ because:
I am grateful I was challenged by __________ because:
I am grateful for where I live because:
I am grateful to have learned _________ this week because:
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