“My patients respond to the Anticancer Lifestyle Program in a way I find unprecedented in 30 years of Radiation Oncology practice. It helps them feel that we are caring for them, and not just delivering cancer treatment.”

I am so glad I found the AntiCancer Lifestyle Program. This is an amazing idea and gift. Our son-in-law at 39 has glioblastoma. After surgery, chemo, and radiation we hope, no relapse. Hope, however, is not a plan. My wife and I are changing to help him change.”

Cancer survivor Steve Mosher Talks About the Anticancer Fitness.



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Herbs in general, and oregano in particular, have high antioxidant activity

USDA scientists, whose findings appeared in the Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry, report that herbs have higher antioxidant activity than fruits, vegetables and some spices, including garlic.  See here for the journal article.

Oregano in particular stood out for its beneficial properties:  “The herbs with the highest antioxidant activity belonged to the oregano family. In general, oregano had 3 to 20 times higher antioxidant activity than the other herbs studied.”

Turkcu et al, in a study published in the International Journal of Clinical and Experimental Medicine, found that carvacrol, a compound found in oregano oil, reduced intestinal toxicity in a certain cancer treatment drug.