Mindfulness 101: Managing Stress Through Breath


Breath can be a great tool in building present-moment awareness. Research shows that the ability to be present for our experience, right here and right now, is good for our well-being, even during uncertain and stressful times. It can also play a protective role in keeping our nervous system balanced and our immunity strong. Breath is something we were all born with, and that is always accessible to us, no matter where we are.

In this webinar, certified mindfulness instructor Margaret Fletcher will teach you breathing exercises to increase your mindful awareness, which is especially helpful in lowering stress during these challenging times. You will learn:

  • Current research on the physiology and neuroscience of breath meditation;
  • Three breathing practices to use for interrupting difficult thinking patterns, managing stressful moments, and generating calm at any time;
  • Ways to integrate mindfulness using breath into your everyday life.