Movement Matters: Standing Up to a Sedentary World

You often hear that “sitting is the new smoking”. With many of us sheltering in place and working from home, our time sitting in front of computers, televisions, and screens has gone up dramatically as this might be our only connection to the outside world. However, in a time that requires staying still, it’s essential to get creative and find ways to move throughout the day, even if it means walking in your own room, safely making rounds around your block, or stretching and using various household items as weights.

In this 60-minute webinar, Nutrition and Exercise Physiology expert Peter Pace will cover:

  • How mindful movement, posture, and exercise can improve quality of life and decrease the risk of disease;
  • Simple exercises that can restore posture and increase fitness;
  • Tips for developing a consistent daily practice
  • Resources to help keep you on track.