“I have changed aspects of diet, stress, exercise and toxin exposure, too numerous to mention here.  I am now more open to and actively pursuing change in support of my hoped-for, improved health outcomes and in allowing my body’s natural defenses to function well.”

“Two years after finishing the ACLP—I continue to do yoga, meditation, Reiki, Tai Chi, walking. Will not allow negative people near me. No longer watch any so-called “news”. Read every label on every single thing I buy. When not in use, I unplug my TV, Internet router, and cell phone. I say ‘thank you for my life’ every day.”

“Two years after finishing the course I am happy to say that I’ve radically changed my diet: I eat only organic foods; I stocked up on local farmer produce and learned how to freeze the veggies and fruits to eat during the winter; I clean my home using white vinegar, Seventh generation products only; I incorporated yoga, meditation, Reiki, and massage into my routine; I did A LOT of focused emotional de-toxing which was tough work but left me much lighter in spirit; I made a concerted effort to move away from negativity (people, events, etc.); developed a balance between solitude and social activities; laughed as much and as often as possible.”

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Prostate Cancer Prevention and Treatment: An Integrative Approach

Watch Our On-Demand Webinar

In this webinar, Dr. Donald Abrams will review the benefits of an integrative approach in the prevention and treatment of prostate cancer. Prostate cancer is the most common malignant diagnosis in men, and lifestyle behaviors seem to impact its development.

In addition, once a diagnosis of prostate cancer has been made, lifestyle choices may alter outcomes. This often indolent disease, with its long overall survival, provides a unique opportunity for men to explore diet and other behavioral interventions. Typical treatments, such as surgery, radiation, and hormone therapy, can all produce physical and psychological side effects that may be helped by complementary therapies.

In this webinar, you will learn about:

  • The role of a plant-based diet and regular physical activity in reducing the risk of prostate cancer
  • The role of integrative therapies and lifestyle choices in the management of prostate cancer
  • Whether supplements can be useful
  • The benefits of acupuncture
  • The potential of mind-body interventions to reduce stress associated with living with a cancer diagnosis


Additional Resources:

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