I am so glad I found the AntiCancer Lifestyle Program. This is an amazing idea and gift. Our son-in-law at 39 has glioblastoma. After surgery, chemo, and radiation we hope, no relapse. Hope, however, is not a plan. My wife and I are changing to help him change.”

“My patients respond to the Anticancer Lifestyle Program in a way I find unprecedented in 30 years of Radiation Oncology practice. It helps them feel that we are caring for them, and not just delivering cancer treatment.”

“If you are a Human Resources or wellness professional looking to take your employee health and well-being strategies to the next level, the Anticancer Lifestyle Program is unrivaled. The feedback has been overwhelmingly positive. Offering this course to all of our employees really underscores how much we care about them and their loved ones.”

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Some tips on freezing food

There is a lot of great information online, including youtube videos, about how to best freeze food.  Most articles will advise freezing in plastic.  Due to ever-increasing concerns about the hazards of plastic chemicals leaching into food, we advise freezing in glass.  You can buy cheap glass storage containers with plastic lids at most large box stores.

This article offers some helpful tips on freezing foods.

Here are some common “myths” about freezing food and a few tips.