“My patients respond to the Anticancer Lifestyle Program in a way I find unprecedented in 30 years of Radiation Oncology practice. It helps them feel that we are caring for them, and not just delivering cancer treatment.”

I am so glad I found the AntiCancer Lifestyle Program. This is an amazing idea and gift. Our son-in-law at 39 has glioblastoma. After surgery, chemo, and radiation we hope, no relapse. Hope, however, is not a plan. My wife and I are changing to help him change.”

Cancer survivor Steve Mosher Talks About the Anticancer Fitness.



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Soy and Cancer: Myths, Misconceptions, and What You Need to Know

This comprehensive guide dispels myths and presents a clear, evidence-based view on the role of soy in cancer prevention.

Explore the truth about soy products, understand the potential of soy isoflavones in reducing breast cancer risk, and learn to incorporate soy into your diet with delicious, healthy recipes. Plus, gain insights on the nutritional showdown between unsweetened soy milk and almond milk.

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