Soy foods lower estrogen levels in ways important for those with breast cancer

Most breast cancers are fueled by estrogen.  Soy foods lower estrogen levels in two key ways:  by binding with estrogen receptors in place of estrogen, and by interfering with estrogen synthesis.  Those with breast cancer should be encouraged to consume soy products.  See a video on this topic here.

“I now eat far more veggies, and look at packaging, cutting processed foods, and working on cutting out sugar.”
“I don’t look at meat as the main part of my meal.  I eat less meat and more fruits and vegetables.  I seek out plant-based recipes.  Lastly, I try and will continue to try to eat foods I have not eaten before, e.g. eggplant and kale. (Still not fond of kale, but at least I tried it.)"
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