Excellent and welcoming and I look forward to continuing! It’s what I feel has been missing after my surgeries and all the doctor visits. Thank you!

“Just completed the Anticancer Lifestyle program. Strongly encourage survivors, those looking to prevent cancer, those with risk factors, and really all of us to take this course. Most of us are unaware of how many risks exist, particularly from environmental factors. My favorite was the environment section. People get some nutrition, stress management, and exercise guidance but virtually no information about toxins and their impact.”

“I love that this course provides participants with evidence-based information and concrete tools for living a happier and healthier life, even while coping with a cancer diagnosis.”

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The Healthy Kitchen: Reducing Toxins and Chemical Exposures

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You are probably unaware that thousands of chemicals of concern may be lurking in the “heart of your home” — your kitchen. These chemicals — in your refrigerator, cupboards, utensils, storage containers, and cookware — may leach into the foods you eat or off-gas into the air you breathe.In this webinar, Anticancer Lifestyle Program Environment expert Deborah deMoulpied will review some of the many harmful chemicals that can be found in the items commonly used in American kitchens — and the many options you have to reduce your exposure.

Your kitchen can and should be a truly healthy place to create nourishing meals and gather friends and family. Deborah will explain how, by making some simple and informed purchasing decisions, you can throw the kitchen sink at the uninvited chemical guests hitching a ride into your home in items you use every day.

In this webinar you will learn about:

  • Safe cookware and utensils
  • Safe food storage containers
  • Which cans are BPA-free
  • Best types of water bottles to use
  • Nontoxic ways to clean ovens and countertops