Excellent and welcoming and I look forward to continuing! It’s what I feel has been missing after my surgeries and all the doctor visits. Thank you!

“Just completed the Anticancer Lifestyle program. Strongly encourage survivors, those looking to prevent cancer, those with risk factors, and really all of us to take this course. Most of us are unaware of how many risks exist, particularly from environmental factors. My favorite was the environment section. People get some nutrition, stress management, and exercise guidance but virtually no information about toxins and their impact.”

“I love that this course provides participants with evidence-based information and concrete tools for living a happier and healthier life, even while coping with a cancer diagnosis.”

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The Healthy, Non-Toxic Nursery e-Book

Download The Healthy, Non-Toxic Nursery eBook to learn about what factors you should consider when purchasing items for your baby and baby’s nursery.


Most people assume that products, especially those intended for babies, have been thoroughly vetted for their health effects before they reach the store shelves. Unfortunately, this is not the case. By learning about common toxins found in baby products, you will be better able to make wise purchasing decisions for your baby. Anticancer Lifestyle Green Living expert Deborah deMoulpied includes some helpful resources that will serve as guides in making affordable choices.

You will learn about:

  • How to gauge the relative health hazard of common products
  • Items to focus on, and why they should receive more consideration when making purchasing decisions
  • Helpful resources that will serve as guides as you create your non-toxic nursery