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Make exercise a priority and feel the difference. These resources will help you understand the clear connection between physical activity and reducing your risk for cancer growth and recurrence, and give you ideas about which activities might work best for you.

If you are enrolled in an Anticancer Lifestyle Program, you will sample a variety of aerobic exercises and strength training options, as well as exchange ideas on tools and local resources. All participants will receive a pedometer to practice reaching the Center for Disease Control’s recommended goal of 10,000 steps a day.

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“I am happy to have a specific goal- this was very concrete and provided me with another tool to include in my ‘get healthy kit’.  I like the variety of exercise ideas.  It was so much fun to see the group get up and move together.  The laughter in the room makes the exercise more fun.”
“I now use the pedometer every day. I walk instead of driving whenever possible. I climb stairs instead of taking the elevator. I enrolled in a yoga class. I dance in my kitchen. I make sure I continue to stretch my core, use my core muscles for lifting, and praise myself for every step I take.”
“I am looking into Yoga as a result of our guest last night. I did not realize how fun and calming yoga is.”
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