Anticancer Mindset

Finding Some Calm In The Storm

Making positive change requires courage, honesty and reflection. What works for you is unique and requires individual exploration.

If you are enrolled in an Anticancer Lifestyle Program, we will help you work to develop a mindset that will support healthy choices and change. Through discussion, activities and instruction, you will gain new skills that will enable you to focus more on positive thinking, feelings and actions that can transform how you view your life. Instruction will focus on: Understanding what fosters sustained changes in behavior; ways to take an honest look at the choices you currently make; how to set visionary goals; ways to identify the things that are truly important and remain accountable for them; and ways to take advantage of the power of your connection with others.  

Faculty will help you establish a clear, achievable action plan to make the changes you’d like to see. You will be given many opportunities to try different techniques—such as mindfulness meditation, yoga, Qigong, T’ai Chi, and others—so you can find what works best for you.


An increasing number of studies link greater health and well-being to the practice of mindfulness. Quite simply, mindfulness is “being present” with full attention and interest. Through the practice of mindfulness, we become more aware of our thoughts and feelings, less taken over by them, and better able to manage our responses to them. As we become better able to manage our reactions to life events, we increase the possibility for profound, life-sustaining change.

"I have made a sizable advance on assessing who in my life is toxic and who is not. Those who are toxic I remove from my life. Those who are nourishing I embrace.... I practice meditation almost daily. I stretch and do yoga several times a week. I take every opportunity to laugh out loud."
“I think I needed the stress reduction sessions the most.  I now have the ability to slow down, take some deep breaths.  I feel I can better manage the stresses in my life, I am more at peace not only myself but also with those around me.”
“I've relaxed my iron grip on my life and given more thought to what's happening in the moment.  Finding ways to slow down and the justification for slowing down has been enormous. I appreciate the emphasis on consciously steering away from the busy mental state and enjoying ‘now.’”
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