Anticancer Fitness Websites


Unstoppable, a fitness website for female cancer survivors

Unstoppable is a fabulous website for women with a cancer diagnosis who are looking for ways to stay active and develop good fitness routines.

Tip Sheets

An Interactive Fitness Planner from the US Dept. of HHS

The US Department of Health and Human Services has created an easy-to-use fitness planner.  It’s a fabulous way to track your activity to make sure you’re reaching your movement goals.


Great resource about sleep

This website is a fantastic resource about sleep:  descriptions of sleep disorders and resources; information about bedding and mattresses, helpful guides, and more.


Beyond Conventional Cancer Therapies on the role of sleep in cancer care

Beyond Conventional Cancer Therapies (bcct.


Beyond Conventional Cancer Therapies website on the role of fitness in reducing cancer risk

Beyond Conventional Cancer Therapies (bcct.


Moving for Life: classes that help with cancer recovery

Moving for Life is a community of movement therapists, exercise specialists, dancers, bodyworkers, psychologists, doctors and cancer survivors who promote and teach mindful movement as a means towards…

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