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Delivering News and Information on the Anticancer Lifestyle Program and Healthy Living

Ken Burns Series- Cancer: The Emperor of all Maladies

Premieres on Monday,  March 30th at 9 PM for three evenings on your local PBS Station. Click here to be

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Research linking sugary beverages to weight gain and obesity

American Institute for Cancer Research recommends avoiding these drinks. Click here to read the article.

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Evidence on Diet and Colorectal Cancer

Suggests that vegetarians have a lower risk of this cancer than non-vegetarians. Click here to read the article.

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New studies puts a price tag on health problems

There are links to certain chemicals in our food, makeup and even couches—and it’s steep. Click here to read the article

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Exercise may help people avoid regaining weight after successful dieting

It shows that exercise can crucially alter the body’s response to weight loss and potentially stop unwanted pounds from creeping

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Phthalates are everywhere, and the health risks are worrying.

A tidal wave of new research has documented their wide-ranging negative health impacts. Click here to read the article

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Studies of bisphenol-S, the chemical compound sometimes used to replace bisphenol-A in “BPA-free” plastic products

Was found to be disruptive not only to the body’s hormone system, but to brain circuitry in developing animal embryos.

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Making Exercise a Habit

What’s the best way to create a habit of exercising? Click here to read the article.

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What I Gained From My Journey Through Cancer

My journey started back in January 1999. It was my senior year of high school and I was healthy and

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Exercise, a new study finds, changes the shape and functioning of our genes

Now new research reports that the answer may lie, in part, in our DNA. Click here to read the arrticle.

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